Re: Very perplexing compile trouble

Ed> I have downloaded, built and installed libgif, libpng, zlib,
Ed> libgr, gdk_imlib and yet when I do a configure of the gnome-libs,
Ed> it does not think that some of these packages are installed.  For
Ed> instance, png is not found by configure despite having installed
Ed> it.

Are you reconfiguring in a directory where you already ran configure?
If so, then remove config.cache and try again.

Ed> Can anyone help me understand why installed libraries are not
Ed> being recognized and used?

Not without more information.
Can you find out why configure fails to find the libraries?
Some hints:

- Watch the output of configure to make sure it really does miss them
- Look in config.log to see what precisely is failing
  config.log records the command line and program text for each
  compilation test.

Good luck,

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