Re: Initialization files for apps?

Peter> I am in the process of developing an application for GNOME

What is it?

Peter> and I'm wondering if there is support for initialization files.
Peter> If so, what are the guidelines for manipulating them?  Are
Peter> there functions that are part of GNOME that are specifically
Peter> for dealing with initialization/configuration files?  Or am I
Peter> completely barking up the wrong tree?

Peter> How should I deal with persistant application settings?  I want
Peter> this application to be as GNOME-friendly as possible.

Look in gnome-libs/libgnome/gnome-config.[ch] to see the config
functions.  These handle saving and restoring (small amounts of)

If you want to make a property dialog to let the user change these
values, then use the gnome-propertybox widget (in libgnomeui).


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