Re: ANNOUNCE: please vote for the GNU Quicken (TM) clone name

> <obcontent>I'm typing TOM <-> Gtk/Gdk bindings as fast as I can; I expect
> to complete this quest sometime tonight (MET-DST).  See the TOM web site
> for examples, all of which are re-implementations in TOM of some of the
> examples that come with with Gtk+-0.99.9 and pygtk-0.3.0.  And you can
> fetch the code, of course.</obcontent>

Oh boy.  This means we will be able to use the latest and greatest of
the object-oriented languages with Gtk?  This is very nice to know
:-).  I am looking forward to see the TOM bindings for Gtk.

For those who do not know:  TOM is an object oriented language which
improves upon the nice ideas in Objective-C and has a C-like syntax.
Tiggr used to be the Objective-C FAQ maintainer and one day decided to
fix Objective-C and came up with this new language.  Very nice work.

Best wishes,

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