Brainstorm: Desktop

	I suggest we make a standard Directory where _any_ GNOME-compliant
window manager could look for desktop-related info.  This would be
basically the same as $HOME/GNUstep for the GNUstep project, only it would
be for GNOME.

	Here are a couple of examples:

...under $HOME/Desktop:

|-- Defaults
|-- Prefs
|-- Startup
`-- Themes 

...or maybe under $HOME/GNOME:

|-- Defaults
|-- Prefs
|-- Startup
`-- Themes  

	The purpose would be to avoid four thousand .*initrc files in my
$HOME directory, and a hideous directory tree for things like themes,
backgrounds, etc.  Basically, the $HOME/GNUstep things works great for me
with AfterStep and WindowMaker, and I'd like to see something similar for

	Also, if the window manager allows the user to drag files, 
folders (did I really just use that word?  Ugh...I mean DIRECTORIES), etc.
onto the root windows (aka "Desktop" under Win95 and MacOS) then those
files and directories could simply reside in the $HOME/Desktop directory,
as normal, every-day files (without having to worry about any sort of
weird desktop-icon to file linking).

	Comments? Does KDE have anything like this?

Derek Simkowiak

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