Re: Internationalizing / Documentation.

Tom Tromey <> writes:

|   I think the best first step would be to download GNU gettext 0.10.32
|   (available via ftp from and read the documentation.
|   It explains the gory details of doing a translation.

Yes, that's the bst way to start.


|   There is an Emacs mode that should help with translation somewhat,
|   but I'm afraid I'm not very conversant with all the details.

Yes, right.  It's called po-mode and comes with the gettext package.
For a newer version and other details check out François Pinard's
homepage at

I'm wondering, wheter the message file should go the hard way like the
file of the other GNU packages (e.g., gcal, texinfo, hello): essentially
this mean, the programmer (distribution maker) has to mail the *.pot
files to the Translation Project Coordinator (François) who distributes
the files to the translation team all over the world.

François page explains this process in detail.

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