Re: Internationalizing / Documentation.

Kjartan> I'm thinking of doing some translations of various messages
Kjartan> to Norwegian


Kjartan> How to start a translating to a new language?.

I think the best first step would be to download GNU gettext 0.10.32
(available via ftp from and read the documentation.  It
explains the gory details of doing a translation.

Kjartan> I'm not sure if just copying an already existing file and
Kjartan> replacing the translated message strings with the new ones is
Kjartan> appropriate.

I believe you can start by copying the `.pot' file (e.g.,
gnome-libs.pot) to `no.po', and start working on translations.  Each
module has such a `.pot' file in the `po/' subdirectory (the .pot file
is created during the build.  You have to have GNU gettext installed
to make this happen.)

There is an Emacs mode that should help with translation somewhat, but
I'm afraid I'm not very conversant with all the details.  I've never
done a translation myself.


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