Re: Integrating a Qt application with both desktops

Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com> writes:

> David Faure <david mandrakesoft com> writes: 
> > What about mimetypes ? Long ago, gnome defined them in a single file.
> > Is it still the case, or are they defined in desktop files as well now ?
> > 
> I'm pretty sure it's changed, but I don't know how exactly.
> Maciej (cc'd) might know how we store them now.

We don't define mime type mappings in .dekstop files. We have an
application registry where we define the full list of mime types each
application handles. We also store, per mime-type, a short list of
applications and components that handles that type, per user level. I
guess I should (a) get on gnome-kde-list and (b) write up some
documentation of mime formats. 

We have a single big file that gets installed by default for
applications, and a big one for mime types, but applications can
easily install their own. We may want to convert some or all of this
to XML for GNOME 2.0

 - Maciej

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