Re: Has GNOME-Journal Died?

Hi all,

First of all, sorry for the late reply. :-/

2008/8/10 Jayson Rowe <jayson rowe gmail com>:
> So, what's going on? It's been 9 months or so since a new article was
> posted. I am willing to help - I'd hate to see this die away, and I would
> love to see it far more active (as it once was). I used to love to read the
> "Behind the Scenes" series, and I would love to see this revived, and be far
> more extensive and popular than KDE's "Behind KDE" page.
> What can I do to help? I'm willing to do anything. I'm 100% about promoting
> GNOME, as well as giving insights into the GNOME developers and
> contributers, delivering GNOME News to the community as well as showing off
> coming GNOME Projects and applications.
> I would love to see GNOME Journal be a "go-to" place for folks to come and
> read about GNOME, but too me, it seems it's just dying away, slowly but
> surely. I know everything is done by volunteers, and that we all have
> real-life, but I'm willing to give up some of my free time to make this
> happen.
> I've volunteered to help several times in the past but I haven't ever gotten
> any real direction on where to go, or what to do.

It's just great to see everyone stepping up to get things done again :-)

So, someone commented about the migration to Wordpress. The current
work is available here:

What's missing there:
- Polish the CSS - there are still some small problems there
- Find a WP plugin/template for the archives which makes the new
page[1] look just the current one[2]
- Article URLs which are backwards compatible. We could just manually
add redirects for all current article URLs to the new ones. For
would redirect to something like
in WP.
- Migrating the images to the new system. Might be as easy as making
sure the images are in the same directory in WP.
- After everything is ready, import all GJ data from TXP to WP through
RSS. I did that already for testing purposes and it seems to work find
(with some tweaking on the RSS before importing).

We can keep polishing our WP after the basics are there. Our WP
instance is simply using Sandbox theme with a custom CSS.

So, some suggested short-term goals:
- Schedule the next issue, define submission deadline, make a call for articles;
- Ask Jeff to help us with the last needed bits for our migration to WP;
- Release next issue already based on WP (with some compatibility
redirects for older article urls).

As for the next issue, I can interview a guy from Brazil who heading a
large-scale migration to GNOME on the main public IT company in

Hope that helps :-)




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