Infrastructure | GitHub considered harmful (#190)

Title: GitLab

Michael Gratton created an issue:

It has recently come to light that GitHub has recently made a deliberate decision to renew a US$260M contract with the U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency.

Since GNOME maintains a mirror on GitHub, that means we as a project are using, promoting and encouraging others to use the services of a company that has deliberately chosen to profit from the physical and mental abuse of people. I believe this is against the spirit of the GNOME project and as such, the mirror should be taken down (and a press release issued about it, although that's out of scope here, I'll take that up with the board).

Following on from #86, it seems there are two reasons why we maintain the mirror:

  1. To capture contributions from a wider audience
  2. For developer convenience, in particular global repo search

As per the previous issue, I'll take this to the d-d-l list for discussion, however to get some data for (1), @av (or others on the sysadmin team) do you know how many GitLab PRs have actually been migrated over here from GitHub since the automation for #86 was put in place? It is possible to produce a list of them?

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