Infrastructure | Set "homepage" and mirror URL on GitHub mirrors to corresponding GitLab page (#191)

Title: GitLab

Will Thompson created an issue:

#190 notwithstanding, a common practical complaint about the GitHub mirrors of GNOME repositories is that GitHub has better Google juice (and DuckDuckGo birdseed) than GNOME GitLab. I tried searching for 3-4 projects on both engines and in all cases, the GitHub mirror is within the first page of results, whereas the GitLab repo page is nowhere to be seen.

I am not an SEO expert but I think it probably doesn't help that few of the GitHub repos link to the corresponding GitLab page. GitHub repos have a “homepage” URL which appears at the top of the page. I did a quick unscientific review of the first dozen or so repos on and none of them link to the GitLab repo page. Some (eg link to, while others (eg, link to wiki pages ( or a project-specific domain ( Most projects do not have a prominent link to their GitLab repo in their README or homepage. For example, has no mention of the GitLab repo, and nor does its Development tab, though there is a link (as opposed to plain-text URL) at the bottom of the Download tab. links to the /issues subpage but never to the GitLab repo proper.

Some projects on do have a “Mirrored from” link but even these are to URLs like git:// which cannot be followed in a web browser.

I propose:

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