Re: Infrastructure | Set up Connfa! CMS and Integration Server GUADEC 2019 and future GUADECs (#147)

Title: GitLab

Britt Yazel commented on a discussion:

  1. I did not evaluate it as in setting up the server, but I did get in contact with the company behind this software and they told me we had their support in getting it running and that it was indeed working.
  2. Yes understood. Ideally not many of us will have access to it, just those on the GUADEC team.
  3. Yes, the need for such a service wasn't even discussed or made clear to me until last week. I came to you as soon as I figured out a solution and a gameplan.
  4. Agreed.

Thanks for all your help, I knew it was last minute when I threw the request at you. I was hoping to keep your workload as minimal as possible by handling all of the app implementation and deployment tasks myself.

I pinged you on matrix, can you make an admin account for me on the service? Thanks

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