Re: Infrastructure | Set up Connfa! CMS and Integration Server GUADEC 2019 and future GUADECs (#147)

Title: GitLab

Andrea Veri commented:

@bwyazel, the integration server is up and running at [1], a couple of comments from my side:

  1. Has this solution been evaluated properly before being asked to be deployed? Asking as in the end the GUADEC team figured Open Event itself was missing some needed features and that led to setting up surveys.g.o
  2. The Connfa tool does not support LDAP from what I see and that's a pain as users will have to register yet another account. In addition the software itself has seen no commits since the past 2-3 years as per the commit log
  3. Please plan these kind of proposals in time for the GNOME Infrastructure Team to be able to handle it without rushing, what I'd love to see honestly and coming from an enterprise background is requesting new tools that have been tested and are verified to have all the features we really need, this should happen before the request is actually made (in addition, is the software maintained? is there a team supporting it in case of CVEs?)
  4. We went from a single static website ($ and regcfp to 3 different tools this year for organizing GUADEC, that's not ideal as it takes in additional maintenance burden (OSCP helps with that but still)

We'll work on the web app tomorrow much likely.

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