Re: Infrastructure | New repository infrastructure/gimp-macos-build (#149)

Title: GitLab

Jehan commented:

@averi Ah it's good now. It looks like you added a git hook for pushing, so I got error outputs which allowed me to fix the issues. Apparently I needed <programming-language> absolutely. A second issue I got though is this one:

remote: ---
remote: ERROR: gimp-macos-build.doap is not valid:
remote:    Invalid gnome:userid property (samm-git is not a valid GNOME userid)
remote: Please see:
remote: ---

Since samm-git is a valid GNOME id (@samm-git), it looks like this is a bug in your hook. Though I also know there are LDAP accounts and Standard accounts (and I don't know what Samm has). I figure that maybe this is the problem if the hook only looks for LDAP accounts?

For now, I just removed the <gnome:userid> line and it worked fine. Now github is synced. But would be nice if this could be fixed too (@samm-git will be the real maintainer of this repository as he is our current guy for all macOS related issues).

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