Infrastructure | Set up Connfa! CMS and Integration Server GUADEC 2019 and future GUADECs (#147)

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Britt Yazel created an issue:

Hello Sysadmins,

Pardon the repeat @averi, I sent this to you in an email as well.

The GUADEC team is wanting to deploy the suite of software, and part of that involves launching a webserver to handle the Conffa! CMS and Integration Server. Obviously I cannot do this, would you be willing to help me get this up and running? Once we have the CMS running we can get the Android and iOS apps branded and built for the event, and deployed in the app stores.

Just to clarify what Connfa! is, it's a client/server platform that we can deploy that allows those with the installed apps or the webapp to view the up-to-date list of conference events/locations/speakers/etc, set schedules and favorites, receive push notifications when times change, etc. This is going to be super handy at this year's GUADEC if we can get it up and running and deployed.

There is also a webapp version that I'd like to deploy as well, which I think is its own separate instance, different from the CMS server.

Do you see an issue with this? With only 8 weeks till GUADEC, time is of the essence, so pardon the rushed feeling. I hate dropping things on people out of nowhere. If you want to chat, I'm totally open for it. Ideally I'd think is a good subdomain to house this under. Honestly, that's less of a concern for me as long as it's accessible.

Installation instructions can be found here:

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