Infrastructure | New repository infrastructure/gimp-macos-build (#149)

Title: GitLab

Jehan created an issue:


The GIMP project needs a new repository on Infrastructure group (this time I made sure I hadn't already created one! Sorry for last time! :P).

This will contain the scripts to build GIMP on macOS. Build currently happens on third-party build servers (Circle CI). For this reason too, could we make sure that this repo is mirrored on github? This third-party build service can sync to a repository, but only with github currently. Obviously we want our origin repository to be on GNOME infrastructure (not on someone's personal account), but then we'd want an official mirror on github which can be pulled by this third-party service.

Unfortunately it looks like repository from the Infrastructure group are not mirrored on github. Or did I mis-searched? Or should this new repository be in GNOME group instead? Thanks.

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