HTTP setup on bugzilla-web

I've set up a basic HTTPD configuration for the bugzilla-web machine
in /etc/httpd/sites.d/

I started from on label and made the following

 - Added '' as a ServerAlias - this should allow
   access to the website in test mode. (We could also add a more obvious
   name like or something.)

 - Switch the back-channel ServerAlias from label-back to bugzilla-back
   (doesn't exist in /etc/hosts, but could be added if we want to access
   via the back channel as commented for the old label-back ServerAlias)

 - Removed the rewrite rule for /db/NNNN that we added when we switched
   from debugs in 2000.

 - Commented out the SSL configuration

 - Removed a block on a few specific IPs that I added 6-9 months ago
   to deal with scraping.

There probably still is some cruft there not applicable to current
versions of bugzilla. Could definitely use a run-through by Max.

If performance is sufficiently improved, we may even be able to remove a
bunch of the anti-scraping protections and let people go at the database
with automated tools. Though we'd likely prefer if they used the XML

- Owen

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