Re: Sorting out mysqld options

Owen Taylor wrote:
The value I'm least sure about is innodb_file_per_table; it's also
something that we won't easily be able to change later without a

It's best to keep it on, for Bugzilla. It won't have any significant performance impact, and it will allow InnoDB to more effectively reclaim space in its data files if needed.

If you had a heavy-write application with 1000 tables, I'd suggest keeping it off, because the tiny tiny overhead of the extra fsync calls would possibly add up if you were looking at 2500 transactions per second or something like that.


You might want to set slow_query_time (or whatever the var is called) down to 6--that will be more likely to show up truly slow queries.


  mkanat: 8192M
  default: 8M

  plan: 16384M

Bugzilla of course won't use all that, but I'm assuming you're setting it that high because there will be other applications using InnoDB on this server.


  button: 384M   # actually, key_buffer was set
  mkanat: 2048M
plan: 2048M

I'm doing a test upgrade right now, and once it's done I'll let you know how large the indexes are on the bugs_fulltext table.


  button: 2M
  default: 128K

  plan: 2M

  Apparently matters only for sequential scans. Hopefully we aren't
  doing many sequential scans!

If you search short_desc for a substring, you're likely to do one, because MySQL can't use indexes in that case.

	Note this, however:

Max Kanat-Alexander
Chief Engineer
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