mysqld on

I've gone ahead and set up MySQL on Notes:

 * mysqld configuration is as in my other mail. For now I have
   innodb_file_per_table on.

 * /var/lib/mysql is on a 128GB lvm partition. This partition is
   shared with /var/lib/mysql-backup, so the possible database size
   is about half that. (Current bugzilla is about 8GB.) There's
   room on the local disk for enlarging the partition - the machine
   has ~270GB of total disk space. I kept the partition "small" for
   now for flexibility.

 * Port 3306 is open on the backend network (and only on the backend 

 * Access is granted to bugzilla bugzilla-web-back and 
   bugzilla label-back to the bugs database, as per:

   The password is the same as for the existing bugzilla database and
   can be found in /home/admin/bugzilla/
   I tested that I could create a bugs database from bugzilla-web, then
   dropped the database again.
 * Database backup is set up the same way as on button, by copying
   the tables using mysqlhotcopy to /var/lib/mysql-backup, and then 
   only /var/lib/mysql-backup is rsync'ed to a machine that is
   tape backup.
   IMPORTANT FIXME: this doesn't work for InnoDB tables. Options:
    Closed source, $$$$
    Don't know if this is production ready or not

    gzip'ed mysqldump is suprisingly reasonable for snapshotting

   With whatever option we take, has to be enhanced to detect
   InnoDB tables and copy them appropriately. This needs to be fixed 
   before going into production.

 * Database that shouldn't be backed up need to be added to the
   mysql_copy_db_exclude variable in the puppet configuration for the
   drawable node.

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