hig-devel branch of gnome-devel-docs in git

Back when I had the HIG imported into gnome-devel-docs,
we made the hig-devel branch for Calum's development work
on the HIG.  Regrettably, I chose to make that "branch" a
copy of trunk/hig/C, instead of just trunk, thinking it
would make things easier for Calum.

On git.gnome.org, the branch is, well, kind of crappy.
It would be better if it just went back to being a real
branch.  I was able to merge from trunk and then move
files around to get it back into shape, but that does
introduce a bit of noise in the history.

I recognize that this is due to bad planning on my
part, and that it's not a critical problem.  I don't
expect anybody to bend over backwards to address this
issue.  But if there are other similar cases that the
sysadmins have developed a reusable solution for, I'd
appreciate this being on the radar.


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