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At 18.01.2009 19:20, Owen Taylor wrote:
On Sun, 2009-01-18 at 18:02 +0100, Hans Breuer wrote:
Will it be possible for a module maintainer on to choose to stay with SVN?

I don't think that's practical. There's a lot of infrastructure
involved; the commit mail, web interface, etc that interact with the
version control system. Supporting multiple different version control
systems long-term would strain an already under-resourced sysadmin team.

Ok, so I need to hurry to wrap my head around all those DVCS benefits I don't see yet ;)

Git from win32
neither named nor anonymous cloning did work for me (works fine from Linux)

hb HB-T1XP /d/devel/from-git
$ git clone ssh://hans git gnome org/git/dia.git dia
Initialized empty Git repository in d:/devel/from-git/dia/.git/
Permission denied (publickey).
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
fetch-pack from 'ssh://hans git gnome org/git/dia.git' failed.

This looks to me like something wrong with your ssh key setup on
Windows. If you are using OpenSSH (the default for msysgit, for
example), it will be looking for the files in ~/.ssh/ unix-style, while
with tortoise-svn you would likely be using putty, which handles keys

For pageant I'm adding the key by hand every time I reboot. Your hint was right, my home directories .ssh did not include the keys.

hb HB-T1XP /d/devel/from-git
$ echo $HOME
/c/Dokumente und Einstellungen/hb

Does 'ssh hans master gnome org' work in the same terminal? If not, ssh -v may be informative.

Now it does, thanks for the tips!

Cloning dia via ssh works for me though the repository is larger and
slower to checkout than expected:

$ du -hs /mnt/git-data/svn/{dia,gtk+} /git/{dia,gtk+}.git
150M	/mnt/git-data/svn/dia
1.2G	/mnt/git-data/svn/gtk+
114M	/git/dia.git
88M	/git/gtk+.git

I've cloned from as well - which does not have lost the last 7 month of Dia development - almost same size.

$ du -hs dia.mirror/
105M	dia.mirror/

It could be that because the conversion failed partway dia didn't get
repacked at the end.

Apparently Dia just doesn't compress as well as gtk+.


Conversion errors
Added : /branches/dia-0-90(Copy from path: /tags/dia_0_90, Revision, 4079

OK, we'll add this to the list of problems we need to investigate. It's
not too surprising that the tool choked on branching from a tag; it's
not exactly a common operation.

Looked like the easiest operation to me to get a branch of that ancient version. But I can remove that branch again, if it would help.

Choosing the right vcs?

Certainly the cross-platform story for git isn't perfect, but I think it
will just get better:

Let's hope the best ;)


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