Re: git transition exploratory team

On Wed, 2009-01-07 at 10:32 -0500, Brad Taylor wrote:

> In addition to this, I'd like to bring up the use of svn:externals in
> GNOME.  I know that many modules (mine included) make use of it to
> include live versions of external code for bundling purposes.
> Is there a migration plan for these settings?  Several scenarios will
> likely crop up: including another git module (could probably use Git
> submodules), and including an external SVN module (?).

We don't have a real plan for svn:externals yet, unfortunately.

The to-do list has items to figure out where externals are used and why.
Off the top of my head I can only think of libbackground right now, and
that's definitely a candidate for making it into a real library, or at
least folding it into gnome-desktop.

I've never used Git's submodule support, so I have no idea if it would
be a good substitute for svn:externals (but I don't think those are a
good idea in general, anyway) :)

Do you know which modules use externals, or at least some of them, to
start getting an idea?


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