Re: git transition exploratory team


> I think gnomemm, banshee and seahorse need some love doing on their
> conversions. gnomemm would be better served as seperate repositories
> (moved up to the root). At the moment there just isnt a gnomemm git
> mirror. Olav had some very specific ideas on how this would be done.
> seahorse-plugins also doesn't get a git-mirror because it is at a non
> standard location. Banshee also has a bit of a weird layout..

In addition to this, I'd like to bring up the use of svn:externals in
GNOME.  I know that many modules (mine included) make use of it to
include live versions of external code for bundling purposes.

Is there a migration plan for these settings?  Several scenarios will
likely crop up: including another git module (could probably use Git
submodules), and including an external SVN module (?).

The answer very well may be no, we're not going to support externals,
but I just want to make sure the issue is raised and addressed.



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