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On Tue, Jan 6, 2009 at 8:12 PM, Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> wrote:
> Hey -
> There's a lot of not-very-productive-discussion and angst going around
> now about what we are doing for VCS.
> A group of us who believe that a straight git transition probably makes
> sense (myself, Federico, Behdad, Elijah, Kristan Hoegsburg) have started
> looking into the concrete steps necessary to get there.
> Expect this week:
>  - A written proposal about how we think it should happen (including
>   verification steps on the converted repositories, etc.)
> Expect within the next week or two:
>  - An experimental server up with git and cgit and some converted
>   modules
> There are some notes at Further
> discussion to gnome-infrastructure gnome org 
> - Owen
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Its not darcs! :( Regardless of my views, let me know what I can do to
help out. I'll also do what I can to help Bazaar users.

There is a similar page for Bazaar that I had been working on ([1] and
[2]) - some of it might be useful for you guys. I'll pick out the
shared common ground bits in this e-mail to save you the trawling
through Bazaar specific stuff.

I think gnomemm, banshee and seahorse need some love doing on their
conversions. gnomemm would be better served as seperate repositories
(moved up to the root). At the moment there just isnt a gnomemm git
mirror. Olav had some very specific ideas on how this would be done.
seahorse-plugins also doesn't get a git-mirror because it is at a non
standard location. Banshee also has a bit of a weird layout..

I don't like the current git-mirror conversions because of the
git-svn-id: crap in the log and because it has svn id instead of Name
<email>, but can see the benefit if there are lots of people using
git-mirror already.

Also, check this out:

$ git ls-remote git:// | wc -l


I'd also want to remove any mention of svn from the refs of the git-svn mirrors.

Everything for git-mirror is in - probably more up to date
than my wiki page that you link to. (Specifically

JHBuild support should pretty much be there - i've taken care of
things for Bazaar but also fixed up some issues Zeenix found when
using git-mirror and jhbuild. At least for 2.24 and 2.26 it should be
a case of s/ Flip git-mirror support on
and see what builds and what doesnt..  (Make a fresh jhbuild setup and
set mirror_policy = "git" in your jhbuildrc). There are some tickets
that need some attention, including Might want to
consider a shallow clones option, too.

Damned lies looks like it already supports Bazaar and Git, just a case
of changing where it pulls from. From memory, fredp said library would
be OK. Buildbot is using jhbuild, i can't remember any reason why it
wouldnt work with Bazaar or Git although fredp mentioned something.
This may be a diskspace thing - i know one of our slaves is really
tight on disk space.. Also from memory, gnomeweb is svn uping in a
cronjob - should be easy to move.

One thing I wanted to do with bzr-playground was change the list of
modules to be categorized along the lines of bugzilla. Instead of one
big list, break it down in to Desktop, Platform, Bindings, etc.

Are you going to allow git submodules? Please lets not!

What happens if someone removes a branch accidentally? (Lets assume
worst case scenario - that they pushed, and then messed up their local
repository and remote repository). Do we outlaw branch deletion? Do we
have manpower for performing repository recovery operations?

bzr-playground lets you have your own non upstream branches at
/bzr/$username/$project/$branchname (and would use
stacked branching to make this insanely cheap on disk space). Will
there be any hosting for users own repos (outside of shared project
repos), or are you waiting for a gitorious instance to provide that?

Not a fan of the Gitorious UI at all - this screen means nothing to me
for example:

Can has review board?



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