Re: git transition exploratory team

Le mardi 06 janvier 2009 à 15:12 -0500, Owen Taylor a écrit :

> A group of us who believe that a straight git transition probably makes
> sense (myself, Federico, Behdad, Elijah, Kristan Hoegsburg) have started
> looking into the concrete steps necessary to get there.

> There are some notes at Further
> discussion to gnome-infrastructure gnome org 

Really great news, thanks a lot!

I'm maintainer of Empathy, we already make all the dev using git, and I
push back to svn (using git-svn) once branches are ready for merge. We
have our main git repository at

It would be wonderful if I can just copy that repository to instead of migrating current SVN repository, like that we
can keep all branches based on our git repository.

Of course I'm volonteer for any git infrastructure testing.

Xavier Claessens

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