Re: A timeline? [was Re: Scheduling the Bugzilla Upgrade]

Owen Taylor wrote:
Do you have a detailed plan of how you see this happening?
> [snip]

	Hey Owen! Here's what I have so far:

	Starts at 9:00am Pacific time on Saturday.

1) Reboot bugzilla-web so that it picks up its additional CPUs (if not already done).

2) Set up a redirect on both the current and to a "the server is down" page. (Can't use Bugzilla's "shutdownhtml" parameter because it doesn't work when the database is down, in 2.20, as far as I know.)

3) Change the DNS of "" to point to

	4) Drop the current test "bugs" database on

5) Owen/Sysadmin: Copy over the raw database files for the "bugs" database from button to drawable. Make sure to set permissions and SELinux context so that MySQL can read the DB.

6) Owen/Sysadmin: Restart MySQL on drawable, if necessary, to have it see the new DB.

7) Assure that MySQL believes the "bugs" database on drawable is "latin1" (important for the upgrade procedure to understand how to convert the database to utf8).

	8) Copy the contents of the data/ directory over from label to bugzilla-web

9) bzr up and traceparser to be certain that they're the latest versions.

	10) Make sure the "utf8" parameter is disabled in data/params.

	At this point it should be about 10am.

	11) Run:
	nohup time ./ -t /dev/null > checksetup-results &
	(This will run upgrade up to the UTF-8 creation point, and then quit.)
	Time: 20 minutes

	12) Run:
nohup time contrib/ --guess --charset=cp1252 >> checksetup-results &
	(Will convert any non-utf8 character sequences to valid UTF-8.)
	Time: 5 minutes

	13) Enable the utf8 parameter

	14) Run:
	nohup time ./ -t >> checksetup-results &
	(Will complete the upgrade.)
	Time: 2.5 hours

17) Drop the "" VirtualHost (so that it can be re-used in the future for other test upgrades and so that people don't continue to use it for the live system).

	18) Restart httpd on bugzilla-web.

	19) Set "shutdownhtml" on bugzilla-web.

20) Disable the redirect on bugzilla-web, thus enabling editing parameters on the system.

	21) Set parameters, particularly attachmentbase.

22) Clear the shutdownhtml parameter, set a message in "announcehtml" that this is a new Bugzilla server and any problems experienced with it should be filed in the blocking a certain bug (perhaps with a pre-filled link).

Are there are any other prep steps needed from the sysadmin side?

	Yes, I'll send a separate email about them.

Max Kanat-Alexander
Chief Engineer
Everything Solved: Complete Computer Management

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