A timeline? [was Re: Scheduling the Bugzilla Upgrade]

On Wed, 2009-08-05 at 05:25 -0700, Max Kanat-Alexander wrote:
> 	I was talking with bkor just now, and I think that we should schedule
> the Bugzilla upgrade for August 15-16. I will have a feature-complete
> test installation containing all of GNOME's data by this weekend or
> earlier, and I think 7 days is enough testing to shake out any critical
> issues before we go live.

Do you have a detailed plan of how you see this happening?

 - What needs to be done before we start the move

 - When exactly do we start the move?

 - What are the major steps of the move?

 - Do we want to do validation before we open up the new instance
   to the world?

 - What cleanup has to be done afterwards?

So far, as prep I've:

 - Increased the configuration of bugzilla-web from 2 VCPUs to
   6 VCPUs [*]
 - Set up backup for bugzilla-web and drawable
 - Dropped the TTL for the gnome.org zone file to 30 minutes

Are there are any other prep steps needed from the sysadmin side?

- Owen

[*] My understanding is that Xen VCPUs are both a limit (a VM
    with 6 VCPUs will never use more than 6 real CPUs) and a sharing
    factor if there are more VCPUs than real CPUs. I have
    git.gnome.org set up with 4 CPUs and bugzilla-web set up with 6
    at the moment.

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