Re: Scheduling the Bugzilla Upgrade

Sandy Armstrong wrote:
> I think this would be more convenient *after* the 2.28 release, as a
> GNOME maintainer who does most of his work on weekends.  But if the
> decision has already been made to do this before 2.28, then that's a
> good weekend, I guess, since it's not right before a release.
> If the developer/maintainer point of view is not part of this
> discussion, than apologies for bringing this up in the wrong place.

	Hey Sandy. I'm perfectly happy to hear the developer/maintainer point
of view. I was looking for the sysadmin viewpoint first, but we would of
course be eventually presenting this to the development community anyhow.

	I think it might actually be *good* to do this upgrade before the
release happens, as I imagine Bugzilla activity increases greatly right
before and immediately after a release, and the current Bugzilla server
is pretty severely slow when it's loaded. That is, you'd get a snappier
Bugzilla (in addition to the various new features of Bugzilla 3.4) to
help out before and after the release.

	Also, per the contract that I'm working under, and also an agreement
that we got signed by various major players before the work completed,
the upgrade is scheduled to happen some time in August, and the only
feasible August weekend seems to be the 15-16. (There's no hard code
freeze or tarballs due the Monday after.) Also, I'm "on the hook" for
you guys for 30 days after the upgrade is complete, to fix bugs (so
you'll see any issues fixed rapidly) and I won't have that time in my
schedule in September or October.

Max Kanat-Alexander
Chief Engineer
Everything Solved: Complete Computer Management

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