On autogenerated ChangeLog


I first wrote Makefile.am magic for Pango to generate ChangeLog from git on demand. Those macros have been modified and gathered in http://live.gnome.org/Git/ChangeLog to only generate ChangeLog for "make dist". I wonder what people actually want to have, so I can work on canonical macros to copy across projects (and eventually find a better way to distribute). Pros and cons:

Pros for generating ChangeLog proper:

- No need to have a placeholder ChangeLog, nor need to pass "foreign" to automake

  - You can "make ChangeLog" and inspect it before it goes into the tarball


- Have to modify autogen.sh to create an empty ChangeLog, or pass the "foreign" flag to automake

Humm, no idea about pros and cons of the other approach. So, what do people think?


PS. If you need any autotools hacking, related to git or not, feel free to ping me. I'd always be happy to help.

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