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On 5/4/07, Gregory Leblanc <headmaster albus dumbledore gmail com> wrote:
On 5/4/07, BJörn Lindqvist <bjourne gmail com> wrote:
> Why is it that all GNOME-related IRC channels are located on
> For me, as a user of IRC, it would simplify alot if
> was used instead because virtually all other free
> software projects use that network.

As for me, I'm opposed to using freenode mostly because "it sucks".
True, it has a much larger "fan base" than does, but
this means that they have a LOT more problems.  You can see this if

What you are saying is that freenode is not elite enough? It has not
been my experience that freenode has been riddled with problems.

you're a new user and try to get help on #fedora there.  You can't
even join the channel without registering, which I think is entirely
too high of a barrier to entry.  Also, the community has grown up

And the reason why does not have any such rules is
because their channels are mostly unused. I.e: the reason why freenode
channels sometimes has stricter rules than channels is
because the former network has been much more successful in attracting
users (and spambots too unfortunately).

around, and is well established there.  It would take
considerable effort to move to another irc network.  Later,

No it wouldn't. Everyone who frequents channels on is
knowledgeable enough to easily relocate to another network. But the
other way around is not true. If the 10x10 goal
( is to be realized, you can't let the
comfort of a few dozen gnome hackers stand in the way of progress.

mvh Björn

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