Re: Plone in GNOME server - now for real

Jeff, can you provide date(s) for this work? We need to be prepared
for the migration and we need to leave time for testing and solving
any potential issue.

The content machinery is at full steam and I still keep the hope of
releasing by March 14th.

Ramon has confirmed that it's possible to follow the plan of creating
a 100% static version of the site, so during the launch we don get any
trouble with Plone CMS eating resources.

On 2/22/07, Jeff Waugh <jdub perkypants org> wrote:
I'll help make this happen. Let's co-pilot the initial setup to start with,
and see how we go from there.

 * Action to me: Choose a victim (machine).

 * Action to Ramon: Get in touch, give me a feel for what needs to be done.

Quim Gil ///

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