Re: status

On Fri, Feb 16, 2007 at 04:08:20PM +0100, Goran Rakic wrote:
> У пет, 16. 02 2007. у 13:07 +0100, Murray Cumming пише:
> > > On development, I need some help with XSLT to make output look as on
> > > mockups I did
> > 
> > What files should people look at? URL links to our svn web pages would
> > be nice.
> Sure, db2html.xsl[1] is overriding styles defined in Shaun's
> gnome-doc-utils styles for converting docbook to HTML. What's necessary
> is to have TOC on every page and to have previous/next navigation bar.
> There are also issues with some cross-referenced links going to
> yelp://... instead to other HTML page.

Even if the style is totally incorrect, looks terrible, etc. Does the
basic functionality work? Can you go from one chapter/page to the next

If so, that is good enough for setting up a test version.

Could you please advise what is needed for library.g.o v0.0.1 alpha to
go live as
Meaning: What software needs to be running on the server? What are the
minimum versions you require? How much diskspace do you assume this will
take? Does it need to have scripts in cron? Is there some documentation
on how to get this working? If not, could you please write a short
howto? Do you need a database?

> Other file is gtk-doc.xsl[2], overriding default style for converting
> gtk-doc documents to HTML. There are also issues with links to other
> documents, like linking to glib API from epiphany API. I don't know to
> which version of glib API documentation should links go and how to fix
> this issue. It will be ugly just to remove outside links, but that can
> work for now.

That doesn't block the go-live of a test version.

> [1]
> [2]
> > >  and I need to integrate gettext support for static content
> > > (index pages for browsing documentation).
> > 
> > Is that a python coding task?
> Yes it is, it is necessary so one can browse localized documentation
> using localized website, and it is not a major programming task. I think
> it will be irritating for translation teams to go live without this
> feature enabled.

This also doesn't block a test version to go live. Yes, some stuff will
be broken. The intention is to have something that shows something. It
doesn't have to be perfect, have all the features, etc.


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