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> * Action to Ramon: Get in touch, give me a feel for what needs to
> be done.
There are four components on a full Plone installation :

* Zope ( version 2.9 ) : We need python 2.4 and python image library
to run zope, I'll create a zoe server ( like a backend DB server ) and
three zope clients ( that connect to the DB ).  Two of this clients
are going to be the wgo page ( it would be nice to have on different
machines ( now or on the future ) so we can have load balance between
them ) and the third is going to be used for editing. I only need an
account with python and pil ( python2.4 and python-imaging on DEB )
They open some ports on >1024 so they can run as a normal user. I'll
need GCC to compile Zope ( there are some C code on the server ).

* Pound : A simple binary that balance the load of different zope
clients. It's an small binary that is balancing the load from one port
to two clients. It can run as user and I need to compile on C.

* Varnish : A reverse-cache. There is a testing package on debian that
rocks! It gets the request from one port to the pound and cache it. It
will need some HDD space to store the cache.

* Apache : ..... It only take the virtualhost and proxy to varnish.
80/443 ports virtualhosts ( and
????? )

This is one of the most sofisticated ways to deploy plone but it
allows without optimization 700 hits/second.

More or less that is what I need. :-D

About Hardware :

* As allways as much memory as possible...  >1Gb ( 2 Recomended , 4
amazing ! )

* HDD space ... >2Gb ...  ( I don't know.. it depends on the amount of
data on wgo )

Any other question I forget ?

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