Plone in GNOME server - now for real

Ramn and I had sent emails about Plone and the wgo revamp *last year*
but we got almost no answer. Really, I donçt know if we will be ready
for 2.18 or 2.18.1 but we are doig our best. It would be a shame is
the site is ready but then the infrastructure is missing.

Plan B, please respond:

- GNOME sysadmins decide where to host this Plone. Ask to Ramon
anything you need to know.

- Ramon requests an account and you approve. Ideally he would get the
permissions needed to do the install, or an admin copilot to complete
the process in the server side. Just for the record, he is an
experienced sysadmin, including professional work in the
infrastructure of the University of Barcelona.

- We complete the revamped wgo somewhere, and when Marketing and Board
agree that it can go live, we substitute the current svn-based wgo.

- We cache the whole website and we serve only static pages, no server
resources required to deal with Plone machinery to start with.

- We let it be, we watch the logs, we see how can we move to the
normal setup and workflow without compromising the server performance.

Quim Gil ///

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