Re: Who's looking after drupal?

Andy Shellam wrote:
Hi Quim/Ross,

I've been watching the infrastructure list for a little while, and while I
wouldn't dare to touch most of the services you use, I use a CMS system very
similar to Drupal and indeed I had tried Drupal out before I eventually
settled on ModX.

I have 5+ years in PHP programming (mainly php5 now) and Apache website
admin experience since 1.3.20 (now familiar with 2.2.3.)

While I don't have much time in the week, I do at weekends and am more than
willing to lend a hand.

I also have my own development box co-lo'd in London, and could devote a
virtual host on this machine for dedicated development/testing if need be.



Just FTR, with Danilo's approval, I helped Thomas copy everything for '' from window/button to progress the other day and set it up on a virtualhost there, as it seems that window's version of PHP is not up to hosting recent versions of Drupal comfortably.

We have made no DNS changes yet. The currently live '' hosted on window is showing a blank page for me anyway, so as soon as Thomas is ready, I'll help him repoint the DNS.

Andy, thanks for offering to help. Please contact Thomas directly for more information.



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I receive the Drupal security upgrades and I know at least is
outdated. However, I can't do the upgrades myself. I play with Drupal at
home but I don't dare to do so in the GNOME servers.

I asked John Hwang (tavon) to keep the Drupal updated and he
did an upgrade to 4.7.? like a month ago, but he is generally missing.

It is probably better to have a CMS Brigade (if possible) to make sure
the CMSs in the house (Drupal and the others) are upgraded when new
maintenance releases are available.
I guess a problem is the typical lack of sysadmin time. Would it be
possible/interesting to recruit new sysadmins granting them permissions
only to do these upgrades and other CMS admin tasks? We could find

On Thu, 2006-10-26 at 15:19 +0100, Ross Golder wrote:
Just wondering, as there appear to be a few Drupal-related setup questions, and I feel like I've seen one too many Drupal-related security announcement recently, who is our main Drupal guy? Or is it just anyone with spare time, access and experience?

Should setup/configuration requests be coming to one of our RT queues?

Is anyone checking the security announcements and seeing whether any apply to us?

Anyone else think we should we be writing up somewhere what has been checked, by who and when, perhaps at the bottom of the wiki page for each service?

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