Re: Who's looking after drupal?

Ross Golder wrote:
> Andy Shellam wrote:
>> Hi Quim/Ross,
>> I've been watching the infrastructure list for a little while, and while I
>> wouldn't dare to touch most of the services you use, I use a CMS system very
>> similar to Drupal and indeed I had tried Drupal out before I eventually
>> settled on ModX.
>> I have 5+ years in PHP programming (mainly php5 now) and Apache website
>> admin experience since 1.3.20 (now familiar with 2.2.3.)
>> While I don't have much time in the week, I do at weekends and am more than
>> willing to lend a hand.
>> I also have my own development box co-lo'd in London, and could devote a
>> virtual host on this machine for dedicated development/testing if need be.
>> Regards
>> Andy.
> Just FTR, with Danilo's approval, I helped Thomas copy everything for 
> '' from window/button to progress the other day and set it 
> up on a virtualhost there, as it seems that window's version of PHP is 
> not up to hosting recent versions of Drupal comfortably.
> We have made no DNS changes yet. The currently live '' 
> hosted on window is showing a blank page for me anyway, so as soon as 
> Thomas is ready, I'll help him repoint the DNS.
> Andy, thanks for offering to help. Please contact Thomas directly for 
> more information.
> Thanks,
> --
> Ross

I installed all the necessary bits and bobs Drupal requires on progress
~1 month ago. Apache, PHP5, MySQL4 and all the other stuff should be
good to go.


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