Re: Friends-of-GNOME database [Re: Modifying GNOME-About to count users]

On Wed, 2005-07-13 at 11:10 +0700, Ross Golder wrote:

> I haven't followed that discussion (GNOME-About). However, I am aware of
> a requirement for a system to get the list of Foundation members into a
> database. I must've either confused it with, or missed some seperate
> requirement for getting the Friends of GNOME members into a database
> too.

I don't know where this has been discussed before; it came up in a
conversation I had with Tim a few weeks ago which is why I think he
brought it up here.

There's definitely two distinct requirements

 - "Contact" database for the GNOME foundation
 - GNOME foundation member database

It certainly looks like CivicCRM is designed to be very much in the
space of the contact database. I guess the question is how much
modification we would need to make it fill our needs, or even
if it doesn't quite fill our needs, whether we could just wedge
our data into it close enough.

I'm not really sure how it would handle event attendance .. maybe
that somehow fits into the "activity log".

Then there is the question of whether the foundation member database
is the same thing or different... I guess you could imagine just
entering foundation members into the contact database and adding
a custom "is foundation member" field. Do we have a requirements
list for the foundation member database?

(There is some concern in my mind about tracking foundation membership
in the same database that we are tracking FoG donations in ... that
could send the wrong message perhaps. But that may not be worth
the overhead of maintaining two database.)

Anyways, it would seem fine to try and set up civiccrm to play around
with if we have a volunteer to do that.

[ It doesn't look like the CivicCRM relationship to the rest of 
  Drupal is strong ... basically Drupal seems to just be used
  as the user database. I think we have to be fairly careful if
  we have Drupal installed not to just start using it for random
  things because it's there, if that's not coherent with our
  overall web plans ]

I think, like or bugzilla, we'd want to try to keep this
pretty well isolated from the rest of gnomeweb ... different login
user different database password, etc. We could reuse the 'gnomeweb'
group for granting sudo access to the user, however.

The reason I'm advocating that, is just general distrust of
the security of big piles of web code, and perhaps a bit more of
PHP code. (there was a recent remote-code execution vulnerability that
affected one of the dependencies of drupal:


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