Re: Friends-of-GNOME database [Re: Modifying GNOME-About to count users]

On 7/13/05, Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> wrote:
> I'm not really sure how it would handle event attendance .. maybe
> that somehow fits into the "activity log".

It is in their feature list, but I admit I haven't looked into that
aspect at all.
> Then there is the question of whether the foundation member database
> is the same thing or different... I guess you could imagine just
> entering foundation members into the contact database and adding
> a custom "is foundation member" field. 

that is what I'd presumed. The CRM stuff seems to have the capability
to do this trivially.

> Do we have a requirements
> list for the foundation member database?

No formal one that I've seen. The big wishlist bit would be
integration with a voting system, which AFAICS is one thing that
civicspace would not offer us.

> [ It doesn't look like the CivicCRM relationship to the rest of
>   Drupal is strong ... basically Drupal seems to just be used
>   as the user database.

In fact I believe I saw that their roadmap indicates a plan to offer a
version which does not depend on Drupal.

> I think, like or bugzilla, we'd want to try to keep this
> pretty well isolated from the rest of gnomeweb ... different login
> user different database password, etc. We could reuse the 'gnomeweb'
> group for granting sudo access to the user, however.


> The reason I'm advocating that, is just general distrust of
> the security of big piles of web code, and perhaps a bit more of
> PHP code. (there was a recent remote-code execution vulnerability that
> affected one of the dependencies of drupal:

seems totally sane.


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