Re: Modifying GNOME-About to count users

<quote who="Tim Ney, GNOME Foundation">

> Following up on the discussion about counting GNOME users and running a db
> of Friends of GNOME (FOG) - [gnome-infrastructure added here.]  Any system
> that can import comma or tab delimited data might work for managing the
> FOG information - names, contact info, comments, donation amount and
> date(s) and would be a good starting point.
> Does it make sense to use mysql since that is already on a gnome server?
> Anyone from gnome-infrastructure team interested in working on such a
> project?

We need more than just the database server, we need an application to manage
it. Data in CSV format will be simple to massage once we've determined the
correct application to use - it's very likely that it'll be Drupal with the
CivicSpace modules.

- Jeff

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