Re: Friends-of-GNOME database [Re: Modifying GNOME-About to count users]

<quote who="Owen Taylor">

> [ It doesn't look like the CivicCRM relationship to the rest of 
>   Drupal is strong ... basically Drupal seems to just be used
>   as the user database.

It's built on top of the framework as plugins, so it could be separated
logically, but it'd include a bunch of Drupal anyway. Organisationally
they're getting closer, the latest CivicSpace stuff is not a branch of
Drupal, just a bunch of plugins on top of 4.6, which helps both projects.

>   I think we have to be fairly careful if
>   we have Drupal installed not to just start using it for random
>   things because it's there, if that's not coherent with our
>   overall web plans ]

It *may* fit in with other plans, and if anything, using it for this would
encourage it. But I'll push back against random too. :-)

- Jeff

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