Re: Setting up drupal for GUADEC

On Thu, 2005-12-15 at 17:40 +0100, Quim Gil wrote:

> > - Created /usr/local/www/drupal on window, ownership drupal:drupal
> (...)
> > - Created /usr/local/www/guadec-drupal also owned drupal:drupal,
> >   with a dummy index.php
> I'm just a bit confused.
> redirects to ......

That's probably because of some rewrite on;
nothing to do with this work.

> > - Added to DNS (also added,
> >   but it turns out that we still aren't the master name server
> >   for, though that was supposed to be fixed some 
> >   months ago.)
> ... and both URLs point to your dummy index.php
> How can we view the drupal located at /usr/local/www/drupal ?

Maybe it wasn't clear ... I didn't try to set up drupal;
/usr/local/www/drupal is a home directory for the drupal user,
a place for CVS checkouts, ~/.my.cnf, and so forth. 

I did untar your tarball there to take a look, and diff it
against upstream, but it's not hooked up to the web in any

/usr/local/www/guadec-drupal is the web root for; the PHP content needs to live there.
The dummy index.php was just for me to check that PHP works;
it would be replaced once drupal was put into place.


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