Re: Setting up drupal for GUADEC

Thanks a lot Owen,

En/na Owen Taylor ha escrit:

>   Also added qgil to gnomeweb so he'll have a shell account.

Shell account tested, ok. As you mention, stro will be the one dealing
with the GUADEC site from the shell. But yes, having a shell account
myself will help (hopefully) the Drupal adoption process.

> - Created /usr/local/www/drupal on window, ownership drupal:drupal


> - Created /usr/local/www/guadec-drupal also owned drupal:drupal,
>   with a dummy index.php

I'm just a bit confused. redirects to ......

> - Added to DNS (also added,
>   but it turns out that we still aren't the master name server
>   for, though that was supposed to be fixed some 
>   months ago.)

... and both URLs point to your dummy index.php

How can we view the drupal located at /usr/local/www/drupal ?

Sorry, I will need some time to familiarise with the servers
nomenclature, organisation and policies. Starting to read ....

> The question that hasn't been answered to my satisfaction yet
> is what the plans are for maintaining this site with version
> control and how it is going to be upgraded for new Drupal 
> versions.

I also think we need to define this better.

> If you diff the guadecsite tarball against the upstream
> drupal-4.6.4.tar.gz, there are changes to sites/default/settings.php,
> which is expected, but also the "pushbutton" theme has been
> hacked up in place. (I didn't look at what, if anything has
> been done to the modules that are also in the guadecsite
> tarball.)

Yes, true. I have suggested stro to rename the current /pushbutton theme
directory for /guadec and restore the default /pushbutton to keeo the
loyality with the upstream code.

In the previous Drupal projects I have been involved the policy has been
to leave the original code as it iss, adding new features or solved bugs
as proper patches committed to upstream.

> This kind of unconstrained, unversioned local modification is
> a distinctly bad idea.

Agreed. It was just done wth the best intention to see if the test theme
coming from worked fine, and we left the proper
solution for later. Won't happen again now that we are inside GNOME.

Quim Gil -

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