Setting up drupal for GUADEC

OK, spent an hour or so enabling the install of Drupal at the
Guadec team's request.

- Created drupal user and group in ldap with gid/uid=518
  Initial membership of drupal group is drupal,otaylor,qgil
  (qgil=Quim Gil). Home directory is /usr/local/www/drupal.
  Also added qgil to gnomeweb so he'll have a shell account.
  (I know that Quim isn't really going to be doing the 
  technical stuff, but since he is driving the Drupal 
  adoption, I figured I might as well give him access.
  Luke (to my knowledge) doesn't have an account at all; so
  creating one would be a first step to giving him access.

- Created /usr/local/www/drupal on window, ownership drupal:drupal

- Added sudoers entry so users in the drupal group can sudo to
  the drupal user 

   (sudo -s -H -u drupal)

- Created drupal user database on button

   grant all on drupal.* to drupal@'window-back' identified by <passwd>

- Created /usr/local/www/drupal/.my.cnf pointing to that database
  with the password.

- Created /usr/local/www/guadec-drupal also owned drupal:drupal,
  with a dummy index.php

- Added to DNS (also added,
  but it turns out that we still aren't the master name server
  for, though that was supposed to be fixed some 
  months ago.)

- Created /etc/httpd/sites.d/guadec-drupal.conf pointed at

- Created /var/log/httpd/guadec-drupal (ownership root:gnomeweb)

- Created /home/admin/secret/drupal as a PHP file with the
  database password, ownership apache:apache 0440. Don't hard
  code the DB password into any files inside the web root,
  instead include this file.

I didn't try to get drupal actually up and running myself; but the
above should as far as I can see be sufficient for doing so.

The question that hasn't been answered to my satisfaction yet
is what the plans are for maintaining this site with version
control and how it is going to be upgraded for new Drupal 

If you diff the guadecsite tarball against the upstream
drupal-4.6.4.tar.gz, there are changes to sites/default/settings.php,
which is expected, but also the "pushbutton" theme has been
hacked up in place. (I didn't look at what, if anything has
been done to the modules that are also in the guadecsite

This kind of unconstrained, unversioned local modification is
a distinctly bad idea.

One approach would be to import drupal onto a CVS vendor branch
(or the Subversion equivalent and do our
local changes that way.

An another approach would be to import *just* the local theme
and config files into CVS (or Subversion) and then have a
of script that merges that with the stock drupal tarball via
copying files over or symlinking.


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