Re: Setting up drupal for GUADEC

On Thu, 2005-12-15 at 09:51 -0300, Germ�Po�ama�rote:

> IMHO, safe_mode should be enabled to minimize any impact on any
> drupal flaw.  And also, disable dynamic load of libraries
> (enable_dl Off).
> Using safe_mode, automatically some functions will be disabled,
> such as shell_exec, system, popen, exec, passthru; even it's
> only possible to browse directories where the owner it's the
> script's owner.
> It can be set inside of VirtualHost.  AFAIU, Drupal should
> work ok using safe_mode, but for third people modules must
> be checked.
> It should be just setting php_admin_value inside of the 
> VirtualHost.

This is likely a good idea, but I don't think we should throw
this in as another variable in getting drupal installed on

Either we should:

 A) Test turning safe_mod on on the test install before

or we should:

 B) Turn safe_mode on in a separate step after migrating.


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