Re: Shortcuts in DL workflow

Dear Claude,

Am So., 7. Nov. 2021 um 10:41 Uhr schrieb Claude Paroz <claude 2xlibre net>:

Dear translators,

Following the issue opened by Yaron [1] about DL, I'd like to suggest
some modifications to the traditional Web translation workflow:

- Allow to submit a translation or a review directly without passing
through the reserve step. The reserve step still remains, of course, but
would be optional.

- Allow a committer to Submit to repository as soon as a .po file is
available in the workflow, without requiring a review or a Ready for
submit action.

This would shorten the minimal number of required form submits to 2
(upload the translation / submit to repository).

What do you think about this. I have the feeling that it would be an
answer to a concern that several coordinators have expressed in the
past, especially for smaller teams.

Thanks a lot for considering this -- it would be absolutely fantastic.

FWIW I have two main usecases:

 * A current limitation of D-L is that it's not possible to have
inline discussions of changes.   Compare to Gitlab merge requests
where any line can be commented and have a full discussion thread.
In order to have inline discussions one needs to use another tool for
the proofreading part of the workflow, and hence most of the clicking
in D-L is unnecessary.
 * Normally 90% of changes happen in 10% of modules.  The other 90% of
modules have very few changes and it makes sense to proofread them in
a single batch after translating those modules with many changes.  But
manually committing every small change is a lot of clicking.

(I also dream of having a commit-multiple-files option.  It could
preview the change in translation stats so it's easy to verify that
each file is committed to the right module.)

Best regards

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