Re: Shortcuts in DL workflow

It sounds like a dream! Great idea! I also second Sveinn's about multiple files.

I would also like to suggest an option for a commiter to commit in the name of a translator, and coordinator to also be able to add a name not registered as a translator.

Best regards!

On Sun, Nov 7, 2021 at 12:35 PM Sveinn í Felli <sv1 fellsnet is> wrote:
Þann 7.11.2021 09:41, skrifaði Claude Paroz:
> Dear translators,
> Following the issue opened by Yaron [1] about DL, I'd like to suggest
> some modifications to the traditional Web translation workflow:
> - Allow to submit a translation or a review directly without passing
> through the reserve step. The reserve step still remains, of course, but
> would be optional.
> - Allow a committer to Submit to repository as soon as a .po file is
> available in the workflow, without requiring a review or a Ready for
> submit action.
> This would shorten the minimal number of required form submits to 2
> (upload the translation / submit to repository).
> What do you think about this. I have the feeling that it would be an
> answer to a concern that several coordinators have expressed in the
> past, especially for smaller teams.
> Kind regards,
> Claude
> [1]

Yes, please; this would be of great service to us, one-man teams, who
don't have to ask ourselves for revisions or permissions to proceed ;-)
But mostly it's a question of ergonomics and health issues (wrist strain)...

My dream is of course to be able to upload multiple files at once,
especially after correcting/adapting/streamlining a term in various
files, or when some dev has fuzzied a bunch of strings in plenty of
places (applying typographic conventions, updating notions of years, or
just some cosmetic features).

I won't mind if this is a ""shortcut" for trusted
translators/proofreaders", depends though on the definition of who would
be those trusted translators/proofreaders.

Best regards,
Sveinn í Felli
Icelandic translator

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