Re: Shortcuts in DL workflow

Il giorno dom 7 nov 2021 alle 21:12:50 +0100, Ask Hjorth Larsen via gnome-i18n <gnome-i18n gnome org> ha scritto:
FWIW I have two main usecases:

 * A current limitation of D-L is that it's not possible to have
inline discussions of changes.   Compare to Gitlab merge requests
where any line can be commented and have a full discussion thread.
In order to have inline discussions one needs to use another tool for
the proofreading part of the workflow, and hence most of the clicking
in D-L is unnecessary.

+1 An inline review like GitHub/GitLab would be very very nice.

See the discussion here:

Right now we have to copy&paste the lines we want to review.
Sometimes it's not easy because of the two colum view. Holding down the Ctrl key while selecting is a very useful trick to select only the content of the second column (last translation). Thanks to @afranke

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