Re: Finding strings in GNOME

În data de Lu, 10-05-2021 la 08:19 +0200, Matej Urban via gnome-i18n a scris:
I'm sure there is a way to search in e.g. .mo files on my sistem. If I find that file, I know, where the string is

Hi again Matej,
I think you could do the same „grep”-technique but this time you should open the terminal in the folder that contains the .mo files (it depends from distro to distro)

On apt-based distros you could try to locate all the files of one package with: dpkg -L package-name
and you should be able to find the location of the .mo files for that package (if it was packaged correctly it should use a shared folder for the .mo localization files, that means that other packages would have .mo files at the same location)

I am also open to other Ideas.

Regards, Daniel

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