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Daniel than you for your reply.
GNOME files are not the problem. I have a complete control over those, I'm obviously looking for strings that come from other packages. I find a lot of them in, many times also in TP-Project. But searching takes time.

There used to be a PPA for ubuntu ubuntu-translations-coordinators that included ubuntu-l10n-tool, a package that did right that, but it is unactive for years.

I'm sure there is a way to search in e.g. .mo files on my sistem. If I find that file, I know, where the string is.

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Den 09-05-2021 kl. 23:21 skrev Daniel Șerbănescu:
> În data de Du, 09-05-2021 la 22:37 +0200, Matej Urban via gnome-i18n a
> scris:
>> Hello, I need a bit of help.
>> I frequently see strange translations, but then can not find, which
>> packet those belong to. Is there a simple way to find them?
> Hello Matej,
> Here are the steps I usually do:
> 1. On your language team page in Damned Lies open a release page (Like
> Gnome 40). There is a link to download all the .po files, it is located
> at the bottom of translation statistics. So click that link to download
> E.g. For the Romanian team the link would be at the bottom os this page:
> <>
> 2. Extract the .po files in a folder
> 3. Open a terminal in that folder
> 4. Use the following grep command: grep -ri "the string you are looking
> for" *
> (replace "the string you are looking for" with the actual search term.)
> Be aware that there can be memonics in the original string so you could
> try searching for a part of that string.

Do anyone know how to ignore these "_" memonics that might be in strings?

So i can search for "Test" and i will find all these:
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