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Den 09-05-2021 kl. 23:21 skrev Daniel Șerbănescu:
În data de Du, 09-05-2021 la 22:37 +0200, Matej Urban via gnome-i18n a

Hello, I need a bit of help.
I frequently see strange translations, but then can not find, which
packet those belong to. Is there a simple way to find them?

Hello Matej,
Here are the steps I usually do:
1. On your language team page in Damned Lies open a release page (Like
Gnome 40). There is a link to download all the .po files, it is located
at the bottom of translation statistics. So click that link to download
E.g. For the Romanian team the link would be at the bottom os this page:
2. Extract the .po files in a folder
3. Open a terminal in that folder
4. Use the following grep command: grep -ri "the string you are looking
for" *
(replace "the string you are looking for" with the actual search term.)

Be aware that there can be memonics in the original string so you could
try searching for a part of that string.

Do anyone know how to ignore these "_" memonics that might be in strings?

So i can search for "Test" and i will find all these:


You can use something like this (

for i in `find /usr/share/locale/da/LC_MESSAGES -name '*.mo'`
        sed "s/[&_]//g"<$i|if grep -q $1 "$i"; then echo $i; fi

./ Test

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

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