Re: Technical feasibility to translate a project on Github

Hi Thibault,

I have some questions about this, hope you can help us with them

1 .To have a better idea about the necessary work for this, how many translatable strings (aprox) Flatpak Software has?

2. Are those translatable strings in a PO file format? If answer is no, which format does it use and which tool is recommended for it?

3 - If finally DL is not able to directly commit translations, how will be the workflow to send and commit them?

In a first stage I would not opposite to this idea, but I would like to solve these questions before giving a final vote (just my personal opinion about this, it would be necessary other coordinator's opinion).

Thanks in advance

El vie., 9 oct. 2020 a las 14:22, Thibault Martin (<mail thibaultmart in>) escribió:

Thanks for this quick answer Claude. So that solves the technical

Now the audience for this question would probably be the translation
coordinators: would we accept to take the responsibility of translating
flatpak software?


Le jeu. 8 oct. 2020 à 23:12, Claude Paroz <claude 2xlibre net> a
écrit :
> Le 08.10.20 à 14:13, Thibault Martin a écrit :
>> Hello,
>> Flatpak doesn't have a proper translation platform. So far people
>>  retrieve and submit po files manually.
>> I know Flatpak doesn’t necessarily want to be too associated with
>> GNOME  so it doesn’t shy out other systems.
>> Still, a translation provided by one of the major DE could be an
>> huge  improvement to today’s situation.
>> I have two questions here:
>> * Would we accept to take responsibility of Flatpak’s translations?
>> * Is it technically feasible for DL to handle the translations of a
>>  project stored on GitHub?
>> If we answer "yes" to both, I would offer to Flatpak’s team to
>> take care  of their translations, which they may or may not accept.
> Hi Thibault,
> There is more or less two level of translation supports in D-L.
> The first one is "simply" a status of current module translations +
> updated pot and merged po files ready for translators to use.
> That's the case for all freedesktop modules.
> The second is ability to commit translations from the Web interface.
> We do not support Github currently for this feature.
> So I would say that hosting translation stats would be fine IMHO.
> Adding commit support is another story, even if it should not be so
> much effort (to be evaluated, still).
> Claude
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